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For a while, millwork faded from many interior design magazines and articles. These days, architectural millwork in the GTA is growing in popularity very quickly. People understand the value and beauty of millwork and want to have it incorporated into their commercial, retail and residential spaces. What is millwork, and why is it so popular? Learning a little more about this fascinating and beautiful craft will surely lead to a better understanding of its value in any space and could be the source of elegance and sophistication you’ve been looking for.


What Is Millwork?


In the most traditional sense, millwork refers to building materials that would have been made at the lumber mill. Some common items include interior doors, trim, window casings, cabinets, wood panelling and chair rails. These days, the term millwork is often used to describe not only wood items, but also combined wood and a synthetic materials, and, sometimes, even specific types of glass that are used in construction. The quality of millwork depends largely on the type of materials used, but it is primarily dependant on the skill of the craftsman who creates the items. Like any other trade, the best millwork comes from experienced craftsman with an eye for detail and a strong portfolio.




When it comes to commercial, retail and residential spaces, there’s nothing quite as elegant or sophisticated as beautifully crafted millwork. With dozens of types of materials at their disposal, a well-trained craftsman can make a breathtaking array of truly stunning masterpieces. From custom cabinets to bookcases and display cases, you’ll never match custom millwork in terms of functionality, durability and beauty. By combining excellent millwork with incredible interior design work, any space can be fitted to compliment any decor. If you’re looking to spruce up a tired-looking space, custom millwork can go a long way towards a rejuvenated and opulent look.




Vinyl and plastics have been used a lot in recent years in place of millwork, partially because of its simplicity. Unfortunately, no matter how good plastic products are, they’ll never come close to matching the beauty of wood. While just about anyone can press a button to create identical matching pieces of plastic, it takes years of training and experience to create the stunning pieces found in today’s most gorgeous spaces. The value of a craftsman specializing in millwork doesn’t just come from the natural materials used, but also the skill and precision of a true professional.


Architectural millwork in the GTA is gaining popularity very quickly, and for good reason. It’s beautiful, it’s functional and it can be done in any space regardless of purpose. To get a truly elegant look for your space, whether it be commercial, retail or residential, speak with an interior design and build team staffed by experienced professionals. Contact the best in the GTA and speak with them about the hopes and dreams you have for your space. With just a little imagination and a brilliant crafting team, your space will look better than it ever has before. 

Custom Millwork Toronto

Custom Millwork Toronto
Custom Millwork Toronto
Hi There Luna Interiors Team,
I have been browsing the internet in search for the right custom millwork company in the Toronto area to help me begin the renovation process in my home.
I was just wondering what some of the areas of expertise that your millwork company focuses on?
Do you focus on specific areas in the home like living rooms and washrooms?
What can I come to expect in terms of the uniqueness of each part of my home?
Thank you! 


By Sadyd Pc (Admin)
Hi ASjane,
Thank you so much for reaching out to us regarding the kind of custom millwork available through Luna Interiors.
First of all congratulations on your decision to renovate your home!
Home renovations of any kind add not only an aesthetic revamp to your home, but also an overall increase in value if you ever choose to sell.
Now, in terms of our areas of expertise, we are able to offer custom millwork services for many different areas in your home-from custom cabinetry in your bedroom, custom entertainment units for the living room, modern built in kitchen refrigerators, unique and stylish wash room vanities, bookcases and custom bar units. 
These are just a few of the kinds of custom millwork projects that we are able to provide for the renovation of your home, the addition of this kind of millwork is customizable based on your specifications and needs. The only thing to keep in mind, of course, is whether or not the space in mind will accommodate the renovation idea you are planning. 
If the custom millwork renovation idea in mind works for the space in need of renovating, you can make it as unique as you'd like.
I hope this has helped answer your question! Here are some of the projects we have worked on in the past that you can look through to come up with some ideas!
Custom Mill Work Toronto
Custom Millwork Toronto
Custom Millwork Toronto
Custom Millwork Toronto
Custom Millwork Toronto
Custom Millwork Toronto
Custom Millwork Toronto
Please feel free to contact the Luna Interiors team for more information about the Custom Millwork services we provide.
Luna Interior offers custom millwork services to Toronto and the surrounding area for your convenience
Custom Millwork Toronto